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The rooms on Columbus Ship are suitable for wedding parties, business parties, conferences, press conferences, family parties, banquets, Christmas parties, etc. For thematic shows or end-of-the-year business parties we recommend you to hire the whole ship, because the rooms on the Pub side are ideal venues for additional programs and activities.
Santa Maria room
This glass-fronted, full-view hall is suitable for bigger programs. Equipped with air-conditioning, in winter heating. With a separate toilet and an additional room (for dressing room...etc.). Terrace (capacity: 80 person) attached to the restaurant, open from spring to autumn.
Meeting tables: max.160 person
Round tables: max. 120 person
Theatre: max. 200 person
Standing reception: max. 250 person
Nina room
Situated on the Pub side. Ideal venue for family events, smaller business dinners, seminars. Upstairs (Nina Room and the Hall) are suitable for business parties for 80-100 person, or for bigger parties. Room for dancing, additional programs in the basement (Pinta Room). Capacity of the whole pub (Nina Room, the Hall, Pinta Room): 150 person. Upper Panorama Terrace (above the Pub): freshly redecorated, capactiy: 80 people.Open from spring to autumn.
Tables for 3-4-5 person: max. 34 person
One long table: max. 25 person
'Classroom': max. 20
Theatre: max. 40
Pinta room
Situated under the Pub. Unique venue with round windows, and pub-furniture Ideal for playing cards, bachelor parties, karaoke parties, or you can see football matches with your buddies. A huge screen built in the fireplace. After dinner in the Pinta Room, you can dance, have a karaoke party, a casino, or smoke cigars.
Meeting tables: max. 40 person